Reducing electricity costs, earning extra revenue for commercial properties through intelligent battery energy storage system (BESS) software, on an energy and power basis.

Most utilities bill commercial customers on both their consumption and their load (demand). The utility rates based on load are typically expressed as a Demand Charge, reflecting the 15-30 minutes of highest power usage during the month. Every month commercial properties pay hundreds of times more than needed for electricity due to the demand charge. In some cases, the demand charge can account for more than 70% of a properties’s electric bill!

Commercial solar PV systems alone cannot reliably reduce demand charges, because a property’s peak power usage (per month) frequently occurs during times the sun isn’t shining. Integrating Tumalow’s BESS control software with solar PV enables the combined solution to reduce the peak power usage that drives demand charges for commercial properties.

Tumalow can also sell the excess capacity generated by the solar PV and stored into the BESS to high-value grid service markets such as frequency regulation and demand response. The property owner, the commercial solar developer and Tumalow all share the revenue earned from those sales.

Watch the Tumalow software control a BESS tied to a solar PV system:

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