Some commonly asked questions about Tumalow and our solutions:

1) Doesn’t solar PV by itself considerably reduce monthly electric bills for a commercial property? Not necessarily. Solar PV does a great job of reducing energy consumption for the property during part of the day. However, in many cases the largest portion of the monthly bill is the demand charge, based on the highest 15 minute power usage of every month during the peak hours, which is as likely to occur when solar PV is not available as when the sun is shining. A BESS, in conjunction with a solar PV, stores generated solar power to substantially reduce the power usage during the peak hours when it is cloudy or dark. For a demonstration, watch our control software in action.

2) Battery systems are expensive. How will I get a commercial property owner to pay for it? Not a problem. Tumalow can finance the battery system and the customer just gets to enjoy the savings without any capital outlays.

3) Can Tumalow help me determine the ideal size of a solar+storage system? Absolutely! With at least 30 minute interval data, we can build the load profile of any commercial property and then integrate the load profile into one or more application usages of the BESS and all incentives that may apply (net metering, solar ITC, etc.) to determine the optimal size for a solar+storage solution.

4) What type of battery chemistry do you use? Tumalow works with any battery chemistry. We look at each individual commercial property’s load profile, electricity tariff (from utility or supplier), and potential utility or ISO markets to determine the application use(s) for the BESS. Then we factor in the system lifetime costs (upfront capital costs + replacement and recycling costs) and other factors to recommend the most appropriate battery chemistry for the property.

5) What does Tumalow mean anyway? Ah, good question! Best to contact us directly to find out. :-)

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