Founded in 2012, Tumalow provides control software to operate industrial scale, behind-the-meter battery energy storage systems for commercial properties. Our leadership team draws on a wealth of experience in diverse businesses and technologies, and are united by their conviction that intelligent storage solutions produce tangible value in the emerging distributed energy economy.

Executive Team

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Will Gathright

Will, PhD is the founder and CEO of Tumalow, bringing over a decade of experience in computer modeling to Tumalow. Previously, Will founded the New Clermont Project: a nonprofit organization that designed, built, and sailed a fuel cell boat 160 miles up the Hudson River. He’s authored several energy market research reports and peer-reviewed scientific publications. Will earned his BS in Materials Science from Northwestern, and a MS in Management and PhD in Materials Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). While at RPI, Will was a National Science Foundation IGERT Fellow and a winner of the Founder's Award - the university's most prestigious award for students

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John Gathright

John is the CTO of Tumalow, bringing decades of software development and management experience to the Tumalow team. He has designed software, at one time or another, for PDP-11s, IBM 360s, Fujitsu mainframes, a host of early PCs, the Air Force "supercomputer" on the island of Maui, a Beowulf cluster at the University of Hawaii, custom processors for Keck Observatory's adaptive optics system, Sun workstations, instrument controllers running on VxWorks crates, the Amazon "elastic cluster" cloud service, and many others. While at Keck Observatory, he served as the Interferometer Operations manager and co-ordinated the team of engineers, programmers, and scientists responsible for observations with that NSF-funded instrument.

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Chuck Brody

Chuck is the Director, Strategy & Alliances at Tumalow. He brings over 25 years of consulting and management experience helping organizations conceive, design and deliver technology solutions to improve business performance and reduce operating risk. Prior to establishing the CTO Office and team at ThruPoint, Chuck served as Head of Network Services at ING US Financial Services and as Head of IT for Credit Suisse Private Banking in North America. Chuck also developed consulting practices for Logicalis, and led complex application development and integration projects for diverse Fortune 500 clients as a consulting manager at Andersen Consulting. Chuck lives in CT, where he is an avid cyclist and advocate with the Simsbury Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

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Tarun Kapoor

Tarun is the Director, Products & Markets at Tumalow, bringing 20 years of experience of designing and building software solutions for rapidly changing industries, across a global marketplace. Prior to Tumalow, he co-founded an energy storage software company and has experience in demand response, energy efficiency and solar off-grid services. Tarun served in software development, product management/marketing and business development roles in telecommunications before joining the energy sector. He holds an energy & environment-focused MBA from Cambridge (UK), a telecommunications-focused MS in Computer Science from Columbia and a BS in Computer Science from Binghamton. Having grown up in NY, Tarun relishes running in almost any weather.

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Mike Lewis

Mike is the Director, Finance at Tumalow as well as a founder of Liberty Capitol, a tech-centric financial services and management consulting firm that provides strategic, business development, and marketing services to an international clientele in such industry sectors as aerospace, defense, and counter-terrorism/counter-intelligence. Mike is also on the board of the beamSmart - a next-generation content sharing platform.

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Bill Lecos

Bill is the Director, Business Development at Tumalow. He is the former President of the Fairfax County Virginia Chamber of Commerce and a Senior VP at the Washington Board of Trade. In addition to Tumalow, Mike is currently consulting with Virginia Dept. of Transportation on policy for major infrastructure projects.

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