Tumalow's Demand Sentry product is cloud-based software that optimizes - and monetizes - the use of behind-the-meter BESS. We combine cloud-based analytics with sophisticated, machine-learning algorithms to determine the best times to charge and discharge the BESS.

Our Demand Sentry cloud-based software consists of two parts:

1) Tumalow Control Agent (TCA): lightweight, distributed control software that communicates with the Power Conversion System (PCS) to execute BESS discharge and charge actions. TCA collects and transmits dynamic, real-time site electrical usage to the Tumalow Analytics and Control Server and relays the resulting charge and discharge commands to the PCS.

2) Tumalow Analytics and Control Server (TACS): cloud-based server that uses sophisticated algorithms to dictate recharge and discharge commands to all the TCAs based on utility and ISO market pricing data, demand management programs and individual commercial property real-time electrical loads. It can determine BESS and controllable load actions to take for an individual property and for a network of commercial properties (for ISO markets).

Learn more by downloading our technical datasheet here or contacting us at info@tumalow.com