Energy storage, one of the fastest growing segments in the energy sector, has begun to play a signficant role in electricity markets, and will accelerate as costs decrease and policy incentives evolve. Here is a selected list of informative sources describing the energy storage market and its potential.

Energy storage deployments are proliferating at a rapidly increasing rate. The US Energy Storage Monitor (Q3 2015) report, compiled by Greentech Media (GTM) Research and Energy Storage Association (ES), clearly demonstrates the growing energy storage market.

Despite the challenges to cost effectively deploy energy storage across the US, there are existing electricity markets where storage has begun to play a significant role. Clean Energy Group's August 2015 report examines these emerging energy storage markets and the potential for realizing additional value streams through new market mechanisms.

A quick reference checklist for energy storage, provided by the ESA: Energy Storage - Facts & Figures

There is a lot of buzz around solar+storage, from industry pundits to solar providers such as Solar City. GTM's July 2015 U.S Solar-Plus_Storage Market white paper lays out the landscape of this energy storage sub-sector by delving into the drivers, economics and outlook for solar+storage in the US.

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