The Tumalow solution reduces monthly electric bills for commercial properties through the intelligent use of battery energy storage systems (BESS). We size, source and operate the BESS with our control software and accompanying tools, so that our partners can further reduce their customers' electric bills without becoming energy storage experts.

Tumalow partners with key participants in the renewable and distributed energy industry to deliver intelligent energy storage solutions. By combining solar PV with our battery energy storage and software solution, partners can improve project economics by reducing high customer demand charges ("peak shaving") or delivering energy arbitrage ("peak shifting") when solar is not available. Furthermore, our comprehensive solution and flexible business model helps our partners differentiate their offerings from competitors.

We work with a variety of partners including but not limited to:

We give our channel partners everything they need to deploy BESS together with commercial solar PV systems. And Tumalow’s flexible shared savings model seamlessly integrates with our channel partner’s existing business model, whether it be sell, lease or PPA.

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